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We are always looking to recruit good members of staff. If you are a veterinary surgeon, veterinary nurse, receptionist or kennel maid and you are looking for a new challenge, please send us your CV for future reference.

Current vacancies - for a veterinary surgeon.

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Staff List

Office Administration

Filomena Torraca
Fil has been a vital part of our administration team since around 2005. When she isn’t fighting mountains of paperwork here in the office she enjoys chilling out with her black cat, Spike. As a self-proclaimed ‘pocket rocket’ she won the Andrea Beeton Trophy for Sport whilst at junior school. Fil is a little camera shy so her photo is instead of her beloved late moggy, Angel. If you really want to know what she looks like, looking up the cartoon character ‘Dora the Explorer’ should give you a good idea!

Veterinary Surgeons

Iain Etridge
Iain has worked at Ashcroft since 1992 after qualification from The Royal Veterinary College in 1990. He took sole charge of the practice in 2014. He shares his home with three dogs: Turkish and Erroll the black Labradors, and Tyrone the British bulldog, and three cats- one of whom is feral and patrols the garden! When he isn’t operating or seeing patients here, he enjoys snowboarding, sky diving and ‘tinkering’ (particularly with Land Rovers!) Interestingly, he still has two deciduous canine teeth left over from his childhood!

Kiah Hann
Kiah joined us at Ashcroft in 2016, coming here as a new graduate from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London. Outside of work she enjoys relaxing out in the garden (on nice days, of course) with her giant rescue rabbit Edith, Jellybean the long-haired cat, Malteeser the hamster and Starburst and Harribo the Degus. Kiah once rode a horse, a camel and an ostrich all on the same day!

Francesca Guagliumi
Francesca joined the Ashcroft veterinary team in 2017 when she joined us from Italy. Despite moving to Lincolnshire, still only ever drinks coffee in the classic Italian way! Francesca shares her home with her two dogs, Donny, a Golden Retriever, and Nike, a crossbreed. In her spare time she loves to travel, and enjoys camping and being outdoors with her camera.

Maja Misewicz
Maja has been with us since December 2016. She is one of our excellent long-term locum vets and is usually here for three days a week. She occasionally jets off travelling do go dancing and horse riding in exotic places. She once went out on a hack with a broken wrist thinking it was only a minor injury! Oops!

Alan Martienssen
Alan is our lovely ‘summer vet’ here at Ashcroft as the rest of the year he is off sailing the world! He always returns from his travels with some fantastic stories to tell, including caring for a baby Orangutan with a gunshot wound, being hit by a humpback whale whilst snorkelling in Tonga and being charged at by an African Elephant in South Africa. Alan has sailed around the world in an engineless boat and continues to return to his boat to more travels every winter. He returns back to Ashcroft every summer for up to 8 months.

Anna Jankowiak
Anna is our wonderful seasonal vet, she spends half the year here with us at the practice and the other half of the year in Thailand, working with tigers! She shares her home with her crossbreed dogs, Aria and Luca, and Pepsi the rescue cat. At work she has a keen interest in dermatology. When she isn’t busy being a vet she loves being around nature and rock music. Her favourite animals are tigers and horses, but she has a phobia of chickens and moths!

Veterinary Nurses

Christine Gregson RVN: Head Nurse
Christine has worked at Ashcroft since 1984 and is one of our head nurses. She shares her home with her two dogs; Fliss the Labrador and Dora the Border Terrier, two horses; Irish Draught, Tedward, and Shetland, Kipper, two cats; Gingha and Penelope, and Wensleydale the Syrian hamster. In her spare time, Christine enjoys spending time with her two young grandsons, riding her horse, reading and walking her dogs. Interestingly, Christine actually gave Ashcroft Vets it's name all those years ago when it began!

Bex Thompson RVN: Head Nurse
Bex is one of our two head nurses here at Ashcroft, and has worked here since 2002. When she isn’t here working Bex enjoys camping, watching live bands and riding her horse Dudley. She also has a pony called Bambi and a Wolfhound X named Ralph, who she rescued from Jerry Greens. Bex’s weird talent is being able to touch her nose with her tongue!

Hannah Birkby RVN
Hannah gained her RVN status in 2017 after training and working here at Ashcroft since 2013. She lives with her rescued Rottie X Golden Retriever, Freya, and her two mischievous hand-reared cats, Belle and Cogsworth. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys going on long walks with Freya, visiting new places and attending gigs by local bands.

Louise Stephenson RVN
Louise has worked here as a nurse since 2000. At home Louise has two tabby cats called Peter and Pumpkin and Ginny the Border terrier. When she’s not busy entertaining her young grandchildren, Louise enjoys dog walking, particularly with an occasional break at a good country pub!

Kate Etridge RVN
Kate started at Ashcroft in 1998 and left us to become a locum nurse in 2006. She obviously missed us all here as she returned in the beginning of 2017. Kate shares her home with her two black Labradors - Turkish and Errol, English Bulldog Tyrone, two British Shorthair cats called White Cat and Mouldy Cat (they do have fancy names, but their preferred names are because of their colour) and feral garden cat called Evangeline. When not at work Kate participates in anything spontaneous and exciting and once skydived 15,000ft just for fun!

Melissa Whiteman: RVN
Mel has been part of Ashcroft's nursing team since 2016, coming from her previous job as head nurse in a specialist emergency clinic. Mel keeps a vast array of animals at home including Puddle the Rottweiler, Lard the Rottie X Mastiff, three cats; Baggie, Thumbs and Button, Blue Front Amazon parrots, Guinea pigs, Poison Arrow Dart Frogs and a variety of fish. Interesingly, Mel used to import and quarantine exotic birds and reptiles. In her spare time she likes DIY, particularly woodwork, gardening and walking the dogs

Wendy Frear: RVN
Wendy joined the team originally in 1990 and left in 2007 to pursue a career change. She still works full-time for the police force and returned part-time to the practice as an RVN in 2015. She lives with her two long-haired Chihuahuas, Maisie and Honey. When she isn't busy featuring in TV show 'Traffic Cops', she enjoys creative hobbies such as DIY and cooking, and also loves to travel

Wenda Tonkinson RVN
Wenda has worked here previously and has been back since 2014. She is currently studying at Nottingham University for her veterinary medicine degree and will hopefully become a qualified veterinary surgeon in 2018. It’s taken a lot of hard work and when asked what she does in her spare time she replied ‘sleep in between all her placements’. Wenda shares her home with three cats: Clark, Eric and Maverick and Evie her 14-year-old cross breed dog. Wenda passed her motorbike test whilst she was 7 months pregnant!

Becky Martin RVN
Becky started at Ashcrofts in 1997 and left in 2006 to pursue a career change into teaching. She returned in 2014 to work every Friday here alongside her role teaching animal management at North Lindsey College. Becky shares her home with her two dogs; Daisy the 'Shichon Jack' and Hector the Griffon Bruxelliois, four cats; Honey, Sweetie, Red and Jack, and four rabbits; Henry, Anna, Olaf and Elsa. Becky is experienced at hand-rearing orphaned rabbit kits.

Claire Massey SVN
Claire has been at Ashcroft since 2015 when she started her veterinary nursing training. At home Claire has three dogs, George the Italian Spinone, Molly the black and white crossbreed, and Bo the yellow Labrador, a rescue cat called Ralph and a rabbit called Smudge. She also keeps a small flock of chickens, and some ferrets. When Claire isn’t busy at work she enjoys riding her pony, Blue, and attending agility training with her dogs.

Natalie SchafferSVN
Nat has worked for Ashcroft since 2009, originally as a recepionist and has now almost completed her veterinary nursing qualification. She is passionate about animal welfare and helps local rescues when ever possible, often fostering or hand-rearing orphaned animals. At present she has five dogs; Sullivan, Merlin, Wren, Whitney and River, three cats; Quasimodo, Bowie and Bartholomew, and a lovely flock of hens (her secret favourite being Beryl!)

Dominique Williams SVN
Dom has worked at Ashcroft since 2015 and very quickly began her veterinary nurse training. When Dom isn’t working she enjoys riding her horses, Tia and Monty, and taking her two French bulldogs, Bernarde and Frank out for long walks. Frank was rehomed to Dom through the surgery from his breeder due to his bilateral corneal dermoids. Dom offered to rehome and rehabilitate Frank through two surgeries, and lengthy treatment to correct his eye issues.

Hannah Lincoln SVN
Hannah, known as Little H, joined the nursing team in 2016. She lives with Forrest, the Hungarian Vizsla, three rescue cats, Palico, Onyx and Kipper, and Radagast the Syrian hamster. In her spare time she enjoys adventuring, particularly in Devon, horse riding and anything arty, including crafting and drawing. She is a small furry enthusiast, regularly fostering hamsters for a local rodent rescue, and also a loyal blood donor- already on her 17th donation!

Tiffany Baber SVN
Tiffany started working here firstly in 2014 and returned in 2016, after a short break, now hoping to complete her veterinary nursing qualification. She has a half Persian cat called Jay-Jay who lives with her Nanna back in Birmingham (moving up north would have made him very grumpy!) She also has a cracking relationship with Iain and Kate’s bulldog, Tyrone (the cheeky face you can see in her photo). Tiffany has a keen interest in reptiles, especially snakes, and in her spare time enjoys a good swim.


Jo Britcliffe Head Receptionist
Jo has worked at Ashcroft since 2007 and last year took on the role of head receptionist. When she’s not here at work she enjoys reading fantasy novels and hanging out with her furry pals: three dogs, Valentine, Puzzle (who is blind) and Betty, and five cats, Heidi, Ozzy, Gytha, Tango and Tiny Bean (ironically the largest of all the cats!). Surprisingly, before working here, Jo used to be a singer on the local circuit and consequently still loves a good karaoke night- her speciality being ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

Claire Goodyear Head Receptionist
Claire, or ‘Curly’ to her friends, has been a receptionist here at Ashcroft since 2013. In August 2017 Claire was made head receptionist, together with Jo they lead our team of ever increasing reception staff. Her work certainly spreads into her home life as she is very good at volunteering to take home any abandoned or stray animals that are brought into the practice. At last count she has 7 dogs, 4 cats, 3 horses, 6 chickens and a duck. Her self-proclaimed hobbies are animal hoarding and not being able to sit still. Curly is a keen horse rider in all aspects and is an active member of the BHS.

Brydie Carrington
Brydie has been part of the reception team since 2016. She shares her home with Barney the big shaggy dog, and Daisy the tortoise. In her spare time Brydie enjoys attending Scooter rallies around the country, and has also gained her black belt in taekwondo after training of 12 years as an adult.

Denise Cooper
Denise has been part of our reception team since 2015. When she isn’t here she loves to go horse riding and fulfilling her mum duties by taking her son to football matches and trampolining with her young daughter. At home she lives with her two dogs, Porsha and Butch. Denise recently cut off 15” of her own hair and donated it to the Little Princess Trust to make wigs for terminally ill children.

Jean Leighton
Jean is one of our longest serving Ashcroft team members and has been here since 1984, now working mostly at our Bottesford branch. Jean shares her home with her two dogs, Shih Tzu, Reno and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cody.

Sue Dawson
Sue has worked here as a receptionist since 1998! She shares her home with her rescue cat, Stanley. When not at work, she spends a lot of time with her family, especially her granddaughters, and is also partial to a bit of knitting and sewing. Before working at Ashcroft, Sue used to be a bus driver and passed her test in an old school back-door double decker.

Yasmin Newell
Yasmin has been part of the team since 2014. When she isn’t at work she spends time with her young daughter and her menagerie of pets- three dogs; Siberian husky, Nikkita and Border Collies, Millie and Toby, six cats; Tommy (who only has 3 legs), Theodore, Simba, Nala, Tilly and Tucker, and bunny, Fudge. Yasmin is a self-professed book worm and is expecting her 2nd daughter on 6th October 2017.

Yvonne Holmes
Yvonne is a receptionist here at Ashcroft, and has been here since 2016. She has one dog called Tilly who is a Shih Tzu. When not on the front desk here, Yvonne enjoys fine-dining and holidaying with her other half.

Lisa Robson
Lisa joined us as a member of reception in 2017. She lives with her Border Collie, Tinker, cat, Shadow, and Thoroughbred mare, Diva. In her spare time she enjoys horse riding and competing, with Tinker, as part of a flyball team

Brodie Whitely – information to follow

Michelle Roberts – information to follow

Justine Smith – information to follow

Amber Dawes – information to follow

Beth Gould
Beth has been our groomer here at Ashcroft since 2016, when she’s not grooming she is also a valued member of the reception team. In her spare time, Beth enjoys exploring new places with her Romanian crossbreed dog, Khaleesi, and attending gigs at local venues. She also shares her home with three cats; Poppy, Eric and Ruby and two guinea pigs, Cookie and Peanut. Interestingly, Beth represents only 1% of the human gene pool by having both naturally ginger hair and blue eyes!

Kennel Assistant/Cleaner

Jenny Brooks
Jenny has been in the kennels here at Ashcroft since. She spends her days looking after, cleaning and walking the animals we have in for surgery or treatment, and is also regularly out and about in the ambulance helping clients and animals get to and from their appointments. Jenny shares her home with Pig, the Pug X Jack Russell, SB the Patterdale terrier and a collection of ferrets!

Ann-Marie Trott
Ann-Marie has worked wonders cleaning here at Ashcroft almost everyday since 2006. When she busy cleaning here at the practice, Ann-Marie enjoys biking and relaxing countryside walks.

Charlotte Moore
Charlotte has worked alongside Ann-Marie since 2008- cleaning the surgery out of hours. She has one dog called Mia who is a Jack Russel X. Outside of work, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family and friends.