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Eton Court, Bottesford

Welholme House, Brigg

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Welcome to Ashcroft Vets!

Here at Ashcroft vets we may be highly qualified veterinary practitioners, but the real reason we do what we do is to put a smile on the face of your pet – and that, we hope will put a smile on yours. Like the 10, 000+ animals we see each year.

We know that a pet is more than just an animal that shares your home. We prefer to think of them as a friend who share your life and that is how we treat them.

Mr Iain Etridge B Vet Med MRCVS


Unfortunately the Blue Cross will be stopping their neutering scheme next year. Vouchers can still be purchased but please be aware we have a limited number of spaces available and all vouchers must be used before Christmas. If you have any questions please contact the Scunthorpe surgery.

Our Services

We offer a complete range of veterinary services that include: