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About Us


The Practice was set up in 1985 on Laneham Street and moved to its current head office premises at Calcot house in 2001. Eton court was opened in 1989 with Brigg being opened in 2002.

The Practice

Ashcroft vets is made up of 3 branches. The practice is well equipped and includes x-ray facilities, ECG machine, endoscopy, cryosurgery, ultrasound equipment, dental facilities, separate dog and cat wards and an isolation unit. We are also registered with the college of animal welfare to train up and coming registered nurses.

The aim of the practice is to be an excellent first opinion practice, offering an excellent value for money service.


The Practice believes that prevention is better than cure, so recommends annual vaccination of dogs, cats and rabbits. Puppies being allowed to have their primary course finished at 10 weeks and cats at 11 weeks.

It also recommends the use of flea products on a monthly basis all year and can offer both spot-on, injection and tablet preparations to meet this need. Worming on a quarterly basis is also recommended for all adult cats and dogs.

As with all treatments and conditions, it is important to get the right advice and the right product for your particular situation and pet, so it is always best to come and talk to us first.